Vietnam succefully researched and developed Bio-sensor(QCM)

This product is completely designed and developed in Vietnam using the micro-electronic technology (MEMS), capable of application in many fields especially in the health sector

This Product is called quartz crystal balance (QCM – Quatz Crystal Microbalance), with the investment from Department of Science and Technology – Ho Chi Minh City; the collaboration between ICDREC (Center for Research and Training in IC design National University of Ho Chi Minh City) and Saigon Hi-Tech Park R&D Center in implementation of design and production.

Quatz Crystal Microbalance.

QCM, which measures the distribution of very small mass (size nanograms) per unit electrode area  by measuring the change of oscillator frequency quartz resonator.

Kit integrated bio-chip to detect cholera.


Therefore QCM is used to manufacture gas sensors, mass sensors to check the thickness of thin films, biomedical sensors … ICDREC has now integrated QCM  in order to develop products Kit the bacteria E. Coli O157-H7 determination.

This Kit is capable of detecting cholera quickly, in line with operational conditions to the outbreak in remote areas. Compared with the usual test method generally takes up to 24 hours, QCM Kit takes 1 hour to produce results with simple operation and can be used multiple times.

Parts manufacturing quartz crystal micro-balance at Saigon Hi-tech Park R&D Center
Ho Chi Minh City

Also ICDREC are associated with health authorities to bring the product components QCM into rapid test in order to detect whether the person to use drugs or not…


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