Functional Sensor Group

In the fast-evolving world, near future smart cities will play an undeniable role. In these cities, all devices will be connected to the internet (IoT). The interface between reality and the virtual world are sensors. The Functional Sensor Group (FSG) studies the fundamental mechanism of different types of sensors: pressure, taste, smell, etc. We want to combine different sensor technologies in one single module to achieve all-inclusive applicable devices.


Many mechanisms of sensors have been extensively studied: piezoresistive, optical, conductive, mechanical, etc.  But only few of these have been combined to study one single application. One of our primary tasks is to combine mechanical, piezoresistive and conductive based gas sensors to produce a new electronic nose. We work with local governmental institutes and private partners to test our gas sensors for different applications in the agriculture, biomedical and food safety sector. The aim is to fabricate our own multifunctional sensors for daily applications with the label “Made in Vietnam”.


Sensor technology combines different scientific field: nano technology, chemistry, physics, engineering, etc. To achieve true efficient sensors for various applications, our group members must be trained in different scientific area.  Each member are/will be trained abroad under the guidance of our expert collaborators in Japan (NIMS), the UK (York, Birmingham), USA (Brookhaven), Germany (TUM), etc. In addition to the clean room SHTPLabs, our group are establishing a fully equipped sensing laboratory to test our sensors with the collected test samples from local farms, hospitals, etc.


  1. Dr. Ngo Huynh Thien – Scientific Director of Nano Lab, Group Leader (CV, Publication)
  2. Thai Duong (CV)
  3. Tieu Tu Doanh (CV)
  4. Nguyen Thi Hong Tham (CV)